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Stobber 03.jpg
Stobber between Waldsieversdorf and Buckow
Location District Märkisch-Oderland, Brandenburg, Germany
Length 25 km
Ursprung Rotes Luch on the Drainage divide between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea
Source height 48 m
Mouth nearby Altfriedland confluence with the Quappendorfer Kanal to the Friedländer Strom
Mouth height 5 m
Descent 43 m
Basin Oder
Progression Friedländer Strom → Alte Oder → Hohensaaten-Friedrichsthaler Wasserstraße → Oder → Stettiner Haff
Catchment 220 km² [1]
Right tributaries Mühlenfließ, Hoher Graben
Left tributaries Sophienfließ, Höllenbach (also: Hölle)
Lakes passed Buckowsee, Griepensee
Small towns Buckow, Müncheberg
Villages Garzau-Garzin, Waldsieversdorf, Oberbarnim, Märkische Höhe, Neuhardenberg

The Stobber (also called Stöbber) is the central river in the hill country „Märkische Schweiz“ and the Märkische Schweiz Nature Park, Brandenburg, Germany. The stream runs over a distance of 25 kilometers from the lowland moor and source area Rotes Luch towards the northeast through Buckow to the Oderbruch. The Stobber flows at Neuhardenberg to the „Friedländer Strom“, whose waters run over some canals to the Oder RiverBaltic Sea. On a roughly 13 kilometer long route of its course there is designated the nature protection area „Naturschutzgebiet Stobbertal“. In Altfriedland the river passes the Damm-Mühle (water mill) and, directly alongside the Kietzer See (lake), a Special European Protection Area (SPA) for the conservation of wild living birds (Birds Directive).

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