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Studenica Typikon
Studenica Typicon.jpg
Created 1208
Author(s) Saint Sava
Purpose Typikon

Studenica Typikon or tipik (Студенички типик) is a Serbian Orthodox typicon written in 1208 by Saint Sava (Rastko Nemanjić), the first Archbishop of the Serbian Orthodox Church, son of powerful 12th century Serbian king Stefan Nemanja.[1]

The Žitije (Vita Simeonis) that prefaces the typicon was written by Saint Sava in the same year.[2]

It is the first written Serbian Orthodox codex of behaviour. He describes the life of his father Stefan Nemanja (Simeon the Myrovlyte), leaving evidence of the spiritual and monastic life of his time.

It is published along with the Catalog of Cyrillic manuscripts from the Hilandar monastery since 1908.


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