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Suite may refer to:

  • Suite (music), a set of musical pieces considered as one composition
  • Suite (art), a set of related illustrations considered to be part of one composition (ex/ Salvador Dalí's the Divine Comedy)
  • Suite (hotel), a type of hotel room
  • Suite (address), a kind of address or location in an office building, shopping mall, etc.
  • Suite (geology), a collection of rock specimens from a given area or a succession of closely associated sedimentary strata
  • Personal suite or retinue, retainers in service of a dignitary
  • Software suite, a collection of software of related functionality
  • Three-piece suite, a furniture set of sofas and chairs
  • "Suite", a poem by Patti Smith from her book Babel

See also[edit]

  • Secondary suite, an additional separate dwelling unit on a property that would normally accommodate only one dwelling unit
  • Suite PreCure, a series of the Pretty Cure anime franchise