Sumanta Baruah

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Sumanta Baruah
Sumanta baruah.jpg
Born Biswanath Chariali, Assam, India
Occupation Cartoonist, Engineer

Sumanta Baruah is a cartoonist from India. His cartoons have been published in Current Science,[1] Science Reporter, Resonance,[2] Vigyan Jeuti, Drishti, Satsori, Journal of Assam Science Society, Prantik, GonitSora, Enajori and His cartoons have been exhibited in two International Cartoon Festivals: 3rd Rhodes International Cartoon Exhibition, Greece (2006) and International Cartoon Festival, Iran (2006).

About Sumanta[edit]

Found science always dull and dreary? Think again! Sumanta Baruah will tickle your science sense and rattle your funny bones. A few fine, deft strokes of his pen on paper, and the humour leave a lasting impression on your mind.

- Dr. Dinesh Chandra Goswami, National Award winning popular science writer, India.[3]


Sumanta draws cartoons on various topics of science,[4] environment, mathematics,[5] politics and society.


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