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Tablet may refer to:


  • Tablet computer, a mobile computer that is primarily operated by touching the screen
    • Internet tablet, a mobile appliance focused on Internet and media features
    • Microsoft Tablet PC, a pen-enabled personal computer specification announced by Microsoft in 2001
  • Graphics tablet or digitizing tablet, a computer input device for capturing hand-drawn images and graphics


  • Tablet (pharmacy), a mixture of pharmacological substances pressed into a small cake or bar, colloquially called a "pill"

Inscription, printing, and writing media[edit]

  • Clay tablet, one of the earliest known writing mediums
  • Wax tablet, used by scribes as far back as ancient Greece
  • Stele, earliest stone tablet inscriptions
  • Vindolanda tablets, Roman era writings found in Britain
  • Tabula ansata, tablets with handles
  • Notebook of blank or lined paper, usually bound with glue or staples along one edge

Writings and publications[edit]

Other uses[edit]

  • Tablet (confectionery), a medium-hard, sugary confection from Scotland
  • Tableting, a confectionery manufacturing process
  • Tyers Electric Train Tablet, a system of controlling access to single-track railway lines in Britain
  • Tablet, a section of columns in a range of rows in Google's BigTable file system
  • Tabula rasa the theory originating with Aristotle of the newborn mind as an uninscribed tablet or blank slate

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