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Taego Bou painting from the 19th century

Taego Bou (태고보우, Hanja: 太古普愚, 1301–1382), alternatively romanized as Taego Bowoo or Taego Bowu, was a Korean Seon (Zen) master who lived during the Goryeo Dynasty and is one the original founder of the Jogye Order, along with Jinul, and is credited as the founder of the modern Taego Order in Korean Buddhism.

According to tradition,[1] he unified five different branches of Buddhism, and 9 different Seon lineages into a single order which continues to this day. For his efforts, he was appointed as a supreme patriarch for the dynasty.[2] This helped set the standard for Korean Buddhism by bringing both doctrinal and practice-oriented sects together under a single umbrella.[2]


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