Taha Hussein Museum

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Taha Hussein Museum
متحف طه حسين
Taha Hussein
Established 1991
Location Giza Egypt
Type Specialised museum

Taha Hussein Museum is a historic house museum and biographical museum in Cairo, Egypt.

It is about the life, teaching, and residence of Taha Hussein (November 14, 1889—October 28, 1973) (Arabic: طه حسين‎, Egyptian Arabic: [ˈtˤɑːhɑ ħ(e)ˈseːn], Arabic: [tˤaːha ħusajn]) (nicknamed "Dean of Arabic Literature"). [1] He was one of the most influential 20th century Egyptian writers and intellectuals, and a figurehead for the Al-NahdaArab Renaissance and the modernist movement in the Arab World.


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