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Taihe Rye Music Co., Ltd.
Type Private
Industry entertainment
Founded 2004
Founders Song Ke, Zhang Yadong
Headquarters Beijing, China
Number of locations 1
Area served China and Hong Kong
Key people Song Ke, Zhang Yadong (CEO)
Services record label
Owners Song Ke, Zhang Yadong
Website www.trmusic.com.cn
Taihe Rye Music
Founded 2004
Founder Song Ke, Zhang Yadong
Genre Mandopop
Country of origin China
Location Beijing, China
Official website www.trmusic.com.cn/main

Taihe Rye Music is a C-pop (Mandopop) record label, founded in China 2004 by Song Ke and Zhang Yadong.


The company was founded in 1996, originally as a subsidiary of Warner Music Group. In 2004 Taihe Rye Music broke away from Warner to form its own independent record label in China. It is divided into several sub-labels.[1]


  • Aduo (阿朵)
  • Sophie Chen (陈倩倩)
  • Bessie Guo (郭芯语)
  • Shawn Huang (黄征)
  • Back Dorm Boys
  • Li Yuchun (Chris Lee)
  • Long Kuan (龙宽)
  • Man Wenjun (满文军)
  • Sha Baoliang (沙宝亮)
  • Zhang Yadong
  • M.I.C.

Mei Tian Music[edit]

  • E-01 (E乐队 / 译乐队)
  • Mo Yanlin (莫艳林)
  • Peng Tan (彭坦)
  • Pu Shu

Mar Radio[edit]

  • Mar Radio (火星电台)

Red Star[edit]

San Li Tun Music[edit]

  • Zheng Hailong (郑海龙)

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