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Removal of irrelevant, unsourced info about a living person[edit]

After seeing a discussion on the Biographies of Living Persons noticeboard, I removed an unsourced assertion in this article that Operation Web Tryp was launched as a result of the death of a user who purchased drugs from a named individual. This edit was already reverted once and someone suggested I explain my reasoning here in case there is any further dispute over this material.

No source was given for the reference to this individual, who does not have his own Wikipedia article. The article Operation Web Tryp does not name him either, but indicates that the drug involved in this other death was not 2C-T-21 but alpha-Methyltryptamine.

Mentioning the name of a living individual in a very negative light, without giving any source, failed WP:BLP and WP:RS standards. The individual has no reported relevance to a discussion of the chemical 2C-T-21. The only reason to mention him in this article seemed to be to take a slam at him personally. The assertion that the DEA operation, which resulted in multiple arrests, was launched solely because of his actions is not backed up by the other article. If the editor had attempted to include the same material there (perhaps he did, I haven't checked the history) it would have failed WP:V WP:NPOV and WP:WEIGHT considerations. It clearly did not belong here. Jonathanwallace (talk) 13:29, 3 January 2011 (UTC)