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Virtual sub-channel[edit]

As of today the article starts "A multiplex or mux (called virtual sub-channel in the United States and Canada...)". I won't edit the article as I'm not sure of usage, but this definition sounds wrong to me; the virtual sub-channels are encoded within the multiplex, rather than being the entire multiplex, surely? I would expect the UK sentence "the bands used by former analog channels have been given to multiplexes, each carrying several digital channels", while I would expect American English usage to be something like "channels which were dedicated to analog programming are now shared by a number of virtual sub-channels". So the equivalence is:

  • UK multiplex <==> US/Can channel
  • UK channel <==> US/Can virtual sub-channel

Maybe somebody who knows usage in both cases can, if what I say makes sense, modify the article. Pol098 (talk) 20:02, 17 July 2010 (UTC)