Tall Bull

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Tall Bull
Cheyenne: Hotóa'ôxháa'êstaestse
Chief of the Cheyenne Dog Soldiers leader
Personal details
Born 1830
Died July 11, 1869

Tall Bull (1830 - July 11, 1869) (Hotóa'ôxháa'êstaestse) was a chief of the Cheyenne Dog Soldiers. Of Cheyenne and Lakota parentage, like some of the other Dog Soldiers by that time, he identified as Cheyenne.[1]

He was shot and killed in the Battle of Summit Springs in Colorado by Major Frank North, leader of the Pawnee Scouts.[2][3]

One of his wolf songs survives:

My love, it is I who am singing. Do you hear me? [4]

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