Tall Stories (band)

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Tall Stories
Origin ?
Genres Melodic Rock
Years active 1990-1995, 2007-present
Associated acts Tyketto, Journey
This article is about the American rock band. For the Australian band that changed its name, see Seven Stories (band).

Tall Stories is a band made up of singer Steve Augeri, who also sang for Tyketto and Journey, guitarist Jack Morer, bass guitarist Kevin Totoian and drummer Tom DeFaria.

Tall Stories released a self-titled album in 1991 on Epic Records and have recently reunited after Augeri's departure from Journey.

Tall Stories performed at Firefest V on Sunday, October 26, 2008 in Nottingham, UK. Their setlist included songs from their 1991 release, as well as new songs from the album, Skyscraper, which was released on January 23, 2009, via Frontiers Records.

Album track listings[edit]

Tall Stories (1991)

  1. Wild On The Run
  2. Chain Of Love
  3. Crawling Back
  4. Sister Of Mercy
  5. Stay With Me
  6. Somewhere She Waits
  7. World Inside You
  8. Restless One
  9. Never Enough
  10. Close Your Eyes

Skyscraper (2009)

  1. Tomorrow
  2. Clementine
  3. Original Sin
  4. All Of The World
  5. Pictures Of Summer
  6. River Rise
  7. No Justice
  8. Eternal Light
  9. Stay
  10. You Shall Be Free

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