Tangipahoa African American Heritage Museum

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Tangipahoa African American Heritage Museum viewed from the footbridge over a Ponchatoula Creek tributary.
Tourguide (left) explains the archives and capabilities of Southeastern Louisiana University's Genealogical Research
A child examines the Buffalo Soldiers display in the Black Veterans section of the Tangipahoa African American Heritage Museum.

The Tangipahoa African American Heritage Museum & Black Veteran Archives is a museum on Phoenix Square in Hammond, Louisiana.[1][2]

There are three main buildings. The north building has a dinner theater and storage. The middle building contains the main displays of African American heritage. The south building offers a spacious banquet hall together with multipurpose conference facilities. The Museum is one of 26 sites on the Louisiana African American Heritage Trail as cited by USA Today.[3]

The Museum originated in the 1980s and has incrementally expanded in both displays and community services. A special arena of concentration in the Museum is its collection of data and exhibits on African American veterans of military service.[4] The Museum has a "cooperative endeavor agreement" with Southeastern Louisiana University.[5]


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