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Ted Dekker
Born (1962-10-24) October 24, 1962 (age 52)[1]
Kanggime, Yahukimo Regency, Netherlands New Guinea
Occupation Novelist
Genre Fantasy, Thriller, Psychological thriller, Horror, Mystery
Notable works Thr3e,
BoneMan's Daughters,
The Bride Collector,
The Priest's Graveyard

Ted Dekker (born October 24, 1962) is a New York Times best-selling author of Christian mystery, thriller, and fantasy novels including Thr3e, Obsessed, and the Books of History Chronicles.


In the early nineties, Dekker sold his business and began working full-time on his third novel.[2]

Thr3e (2003) was Dekker's first mainstream novel and was later made into a 2006 film of the same name.

Dekker's eldest daughter, Rachelle Dekker, is due to release her debut in May 2015, entitled The Choosing.[3]


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