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Television Trust for the Environment (tve) is an independent, international not-for-profit organisation founded in 1984 by Central Television, UNEP and WWF. Its remit is to raise awareness of, and stimulate debate about, environment, development, health and human rights issues worldwide through the production, coproduction and distribution of television programmes and other electronic media, and through webcasting.[citation needed]

The organisation's series have included Earth Report/Earth Reporters on the global environment; Life/Life on the Edge on globalisation, both broadcast on BBC World News and two YouTube series by young film-makers;[1] and a series of short films by African producers around the 2010 Football World Cup.[2]

Other productions include regional series for audiences in Africa and Latin America.

Both Television for the Environment and Television Trust for the Environment go under the collective name tve. Television for the Environment is a company limited by guarantee[3] and a registered charity.[4] Television Trust for the Environment is a registered charity.[5]

The organisation works with 49 partner organizations in 41 countries across Africa, Asia Pacific and Latin America & the Caribbean – including three Partners in China, one in Korea and five in India.

One of the founding Trustees was the award-winning film-maker Adrian Cowell.[6]

Two programmes were included in a BBC Trust report entitled "Funding Arrangements and Sponsorship of Documentary and Feature Programmes on BBC World News".[7] One programme on eradicating the killer global cattle disease Rinderpest was deemed to have a conflict of interest with the sponsor. The second programme was only found to have inadequately clear credits. However they were both found to be editorially impartial, complying with BBC Production Guidelines.

The organisation has one of the largest libraries of copyright cleared environmental films in the world.[8]


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