The Circus Series

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The Circus Series
  • Mr Galliano's Circus
  • Hurrah for the Circus!
  • Circus Days Again
Author Enid Blyton
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Children's literature
Published 1938–42
No. of books 3

The Circus Series is a three-book series by British children's author Enid Blyton.


The Circus Series begins with Mr. Galliano's Circus, where the protagonist is Jimmy Brown. The story revolves around Jimmy, his parents, his dog, Lucky and the others like Lotta, who work in the Circus. Lotta is a small girl who rides horses. The other characters include Lilliput, the man with the monkeys; Stanley, the clown; Mr Tonks, the owner of Jumbo the Elephant; and Lotta’s parents, Lal and Laddo.

In the second book Hurrah for the Circus and the third Circus Days Again, Mr Galliano's famous circus is getting bigger and better all the time. Madame Prunella joins the show with her talking parrots, and so do three new clowns (Twinkle, Pippi and Google), a performing seal and twelve zebras. But everything starts to go wrong when a new ringmaster arrives, and at last Jimmy and Lotta, the circus children, decide that something must be done.


In chronological order, the three books of the series are:

Blyton also wrote another (unrelated) book set in a circus, Come to the Circus!