The Dogbones

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The Dogbones
The Dogbones (Dublin Castle, London, 13 May 2010) -2.jpg
The Dogbones performing in 2010
Background information
Years active 2007 (2007)–present
Associated acts Queenadreena, Daisy Chainsaw, Vapid Dolly, Dizzy Q Viper, Selfish Cunt, Wendykurk, Jesus Got His Gun, Medieval Babes
Website The Dogbones on Myspace
The Dogbones on Twitter
Members Nomi Leonard - vocals and guitar
Johnny Orion - guitar and vocals
Michael Vakalis - bass guitar
Vince Johnson - drums
Past members Joao Pires
Matt Banham
Angus Duprey - all 2nd drummers

The Dogbones are an alternative rock band that were formed in London, late 2007. The band's line-up is:

  • Johnny Orion – Vocals and Guitar (Daisy Chainsaw, Vapid Dolly, Dizzy Q Viper, Queenadreena)
  • Nomi Leonard – Vocals and Guitar (Wendykurk, Queenadreena)
  • Michael Vakalis – Bass (briefly in Queenadreena, Jesus Got His Gun)
  • Vince Johnson – Drums (Daisy Chainsaw, Dizzy Q Viper, Mediæval Bæbes)
  • {Past members: Joao Pires (Selfish Cunt), the original second drummer in The Dogbones, was replaced circa June 2011 by Matt Banham. Angus Duprey (GOiD) replaced Matt in late February/early March 2013. Vince took over sole drumming duties circa February 2014.}

Their self-titled debut album was released in 2010. In 'The Independent', Simon Price described the sound as "a seductively scuzzy, drum-heavy mix of ramshackle voodoo rock, chaotic glam-punk and shouty grrl music".[1]

They have released four music videos: Everybody Thinks You're Strange (2013), Hey Chihuahua (2012), The Whole World is Weird (2011) and All Your Friends (Are Going to Kill You) (2011).


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