The Jason Ellis Show

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The Jason Ellis Show
Genre Talk
Running time 4 hours
Country USA
Language(s) English
Home station SiriusXM Faction 41 with Jason Ellis
The Jason Ellis Channel 713
Host(s) Jason Ellis
Michael Tully
Recording studio SiriusXM Studios, 6420 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
Air dates since May 4, 2005 (2005-05-04)
Audio format Stereo
Ending theme Theme from Enter the Dragon

The Jason Ellis Show is a radio show on Sirius XM Satellite Radio hosted by Australian born former pro skateboarder Jason Ellis. Jason Ellis has been on the radio since 2004 with "Tony Hawk's Demolition Radio". "The Jason Ellis Show" premiered on Faction May 4, 2005.

Other cast members include Michael Tully, The Jingleberries, Rude Jude, Luke Trembath, a.k.a. The Dingo, Jetta (co-producer), Kevin Kraft (co-producer), as well as Faction action sports music channel programmer, Will Pendarvis.

The show airs weekdays from 3:00pm–7:00pm EST on Faction 41. "The Best of the Jason Ellis Show" can be heard on weekends, and 2 hour long replays are aired daily from 9:00am–11:00am EST. As of August 1, 2013, the show can be heard on SiriusXM Channel 713, 'The Jason Ellis Channel'.


Jason Ellis[edit]

Main article: Jason Ellis

Jason Ellis moved to the United States from Australia at age 17 to become a professional skateboarder which he accomplished in 1990. He and Tony Hawk became good friends and after Tony invited Jason as a guest on his Sirius satellite radio program, Tony Hawk's Demolition Radio. Frontman in both show created comedy metal bands, Taintstick and Death! Death! Die!, Ellis also hosts comedy fight events called Ellis Mania featured in a Fuel TV miniseries and subscription video website of the same name. Jason married Andrea Brown, on March 26, 2006. They had two children together - a daughter Devin Michelle, born in March 2005, and a son, Tiger Lee, born in February 2009. They have since divorced. Andrea and the children live in Beverly Hills, CA. Jason lives in Hollywood, CA.

Michael Tully[edit]

Michael Tully is the former producer of the show turned co-host after a one year leave in 2010 to try his hand at screenwriting. Tully attended Oxford University[citation needed] before his career as guitarist and song writer in Jason Ellis Show bands Taintstick and Death! Death! Die!.

Tully has also been a DJ for SiriusXM on Faction 41, Hair Nation and Octane 37 before being the producer of The Ellis Show, and continues to occasionally do so today.

The Jingleberries[edit]

The Jingleberries are a custom and song parody duo who have written thousands of songs with original lyrics sung to existing popular music and often their own unique musical creations. Many lyrics are written about notable quotes and inside jokes from the show and often around the sound bites being referenced. The duo is lightning fast with their production turnaround time, often creating songs or sound bytes during the show the source was aired.

Rude Jude[edit]

Main article: Rude Jude

Rude Jude is a DJ and co-host on The All Out Show with DJ Lord Sear on Sirius Satellite Radio's Shade 45 channel. He usually appears on "The Jason Ellis Show" during the first hour on Tuesdays.

Luke Trembath[edit]

Luke Trembath, a.k.a. The Dingo, is an Australian professional Snowboarder, and a long time friend of Jason Ellis. He usually appears on "The Jason Ellis Show" for the entire four hours on Mondays.


Jetta is the former producer of the show. He works as Ellis' assistant and also for the Jason Ellis website,

Bryan “Backbone” Cullen[edit]

Cullen is responsible for many song parody vocals and writing as well as archiving all incriminating sound bites from The Jason Ellis Show that Jason refers to on the air as “buttons.” Cullen is the lead-in host on Faction before The Jason Ellis Show and Executive Producer for all celebrity hosts and features on the channel.

Wilson "Hatebean" Pendarvis[edit]

WIlson "Hatebean" Pendarvis, is the Faction action sports music channel programmer, the only member of the formidable one-man band, Hatebean, and the conscience of The Jason Ellis Show. Often ruining Jason's and Tully's fun, reminding them of Siruis XM's on-air rules of no penetration or when bringing up un-confirmed news, Jason has often pronounced Wilson's entry into the studio on air with the Imperial March, from the film 'Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.' Wilson is also summoned into the studio by Jason Ellis to create intro buttons for the show using buttons portraying quotes from the movie Castaway, when Tom Hanks is calling for his volleyball island companion, also known as Wilson. Recently citing on air, Wilson "Hatebean" Pendarvis has written being on the Jason Ellis Show Wikipedia page as something he would like to accomplish on his bucket list. Wil was also named the "Jason Ellis Show world champion lead guitarist" on 5/28/14

The Show[edit]

The Jason Ellis Show is best described by the host himself as "The Future of Radio." It embodies an unconventional evolution of The Howard Stern Show with 2 main male cohorts laughing over action sports, pop culture and life advice while humorously assaulting one another's personal lives through out-of-context sound bites, song parodies and daring stunts.

Jason periodically uses his arsenal of sound bites and song parodies from the show utilizing funny material captured out-of-context from a guest, Jason Ellis himself or another member of the show. He also makes heavy use of his "Voice Altermacation Machine" for comedy voice effects to highlight whatever scenario he's describing.

All hosts have involved themselves, among others, in comedy metal bands Taintstick and Death! Death! Die! with songs like "Motodick", "Monkey's of War", and "Put Ur Balls On It".

Jason's catchphrase "Red Dragons" is the show's way of saying "Fuck shit up" or "Right-the-fuck-on" as well as a throwback to a tribe of Canadian peers of the same name that Jason used to enjoy reckless fun with, becoming an honorary Canadian member during his skateboarding career. The show is uncensored on Sirius XM Satellite Radio and listeners are encouraged to call in throughout the show, igniting a show and radio record 70,000 unique phone calls in one hour.

Notable Guests[edit]

Occasionally the show will have special guests for as little as half an hour to sitting in for the entire show in some cases. Past guests include:

V.I.P. Line[edit]

There is also a V.I.P. phone line which only a handful of regular guests and celebrity friends of the show have been given the number to. These V.I.P.'s include:

Signature Segments[edit]

Dude, Is It Gay?[edit]

Anyone calling into the show can present Jason Ellis a questionable scenario, asking if it has any sexual relevance that might be classified as gay in nature. Using whatever his judgment happens to be in that moment, Jason Ellis will analyze and deliberate a "yes" or "no" confirmation. This segment was officially retired because of the host's sympathies toward the gay community in early 2010, but has since been brought back with the endorsement of many prominent gay celebrities.

Dude, Am I A Slut?[edit]

Females only call into the show and give their dirtiest story. Jason Ellis, using his arsenal of sound effects, will ding for "yes" and buzz for "no" after careful examination and deliberation of each caller's story. An alternate "Dude, Am I A Gay Slut?" variation is also featured on the show, usually based around gay men.

Get the Cock Off Your Chest[edit]

Male callers, all referred to as "Matt" call into the show to confess shocking personal moments of embarrassment.

World's Greatest Wednesday[edit]

A topic is raised for phone callers to make suggestions. Several options are chosen by the show, voted on by callers and a Top 10 is compiled. Past topics have been World's Greatest Short Person, World's Greatest Mexican, World's Greatest Cartoon You'd Like to Get High With, etc.

Women, Am I Right?[edit]

Michael Tully's feature segment centered around the most ridiculous news stories of women acting inappropriately in ways no man would likely even consider.


Based on the 2012 Super Bowl Halftime commercial for Chrysler starring Clint Eastwood, at exactly the halfway mark of the show broadcast each day, Jason Ellis pauses to do 20 or more pushups and encourages listeners to do the same, often submitting pictures as evidence from wherever they happen to be during "Halftime."

News Segments[edit]

Recurring segments include

  • Aussie News
  • Shark News
  • Moto News
  • Pot News
  • Moon News
  • Hollywood News
  • Cock News
  • MMA News
  • Doggie News
  • STD News


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