The Knickerbocker Gang

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The Knickerbocker Gang is a series of books for children by Austrian writer Thomas Brezina. It features stories about junior detectives called Axel, Poppi, Lilo and Dominik, who solve mysteries. The books have been translated to many different languages. They remain a huge favorite in Turkey in the children's novels sections.

Main Character Profiles:

Name: Axel Klingmeier.

Nickname: Shorty, Midget, Tiny, Little One.

Age: 14.

Sign: Capricorn.

Hobbies: Changes every week, but mostly to do with sports.

Favorite food: Everything.

Specialties: When my short height became the talk of the school, I worked hard and became the best athlete there. Now no one dares bring it up.

Name: Lieselotte (Lilo) Schroll.

Nickname: Brainy.

Age: 14.

Sign: Crab.

Hobbies: Skiing and mountaineering.

Favorite food: Chinese food.

Specialties: I'm proud of my blonde pig tails. I read as many mystery novels as I can, because I pick up tips from the famous detectives.

Name: Paula Monowitsch.

Nickname: Poppi (I think Paula is a scary name).

Age: 10.

Sign: Pisces.

Hobbies: Taking care of pets.

Favorite food: Fruit salad and cantaloupes... doesn't eat meat.

Specialties: I have a small zoo. Two dogs, three cats, one parrot, lots of rabbits, ornamental fish, mice and a noel fish that I saved at the last moment from hitting the frying pan. The number of pets in my little zoo become more and more every passing day.

Name: Dominik Kascha.

Nickname: Hamlet's father (Good secret keeper).

Age: 11.

Sign: Libra .

Hobbies: Reading. I remember almost everything I read. A quality that comes in handy with the gang.

Favorite food: Spaghetti.

Specialties: N/A