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The Lollipop Shoppe were a 1960s psychedelic garage rock band from Portland, Oregon (USA).

They were originally known as The Weeds and featured Fred Cole, who is best known for playing in Dead Moon. He now plays in Pierced Arrows. After The Weeds signed to Uni Records (a now-defunct subsidiary of MCA), their new manager, 'Lord' Tim Hudson, insisted they change their name to The Lollipop Shoppe to fit in with the current trend of bubblegum music. The band's actual recordings, including the 1968 LP Just Colour, are hardly bubblegum, but instead a mix of garage rock and psychedelia. The album and its single, "You Must Be a Witch" – later included on the compilation LP Pebbles, Volume 8 – are regarded as period classics and still prized by collectors, though neither made the charts. The band opened for stars such as Janis Joplin and The Doors, and appeared in the biker movie "Angels from Hell". The album has been bootlegged. Music Maniac label has illegitimately reissued it as "The Weeds". This release includes their 1966 single "It's Your Time" b/w "Little Girl" as well as the two songs from the soundtrack of "Angels from Hell". The Lollipop Shoppe released one more single, "Someone I Knew" b/w "Through My Window", before breaking up in 1969. They reunited as The Weeds for a 1969 single on the Portland, OR NWI label, "Stop" b/w "No Good News", which also is on the Music Maniac release. The "Someone I Knew" single does not appear on the Music Maniac re-issue.

Australian garage band The Philisteins covered "You Must Be A Witch" on their 1988 EP "Bloody Convicts".

Memphis synth punk band Lost Sounds covered "You Must Be A Witch" on their 2000 LP "Memphis is Dead".

The Black Lips recently covered "You Must Be A Witch" during their Rhapsody Originals set.