The Lump

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The Lump
Directed by John Weldon
Produced by David Verrall
Written by John Weldon
Music by John Weldon
Running time
8 min.
Country Canada Canada
Language English

The Lump is a short animated film released in 1991. It tells the story of an unattractive and unpopular man named George. One day, a lump appears on his head that looks like an attractive face. By pretending the lump is his real face, he gains fame and fortune, but soon he gets into trouble when he enters into the company of several corrupt politicians.

A National Film Board of Canada film, The Lump was written and directed by John Weldon. Harvey Atkin contributed the voice. It was nominated for a Genie Award in 1992[1] and won the Gordon Bruce Award for Humor at the Ottawa International Animation Festival in that year.[2]


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