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The Mercy Thompson series are an urban fantasy book series written by Patricia Briggs and narrated by the character Mercy Thompson.

Moon Called (2006)[edit]

Mercy must rescue the Alpha of the local werewolf pack and his young daughter, after they are taken by a band of humans and werewolves who are testing new medical drugs on werewolves. While helping Adam she must ask the Marrok, the leader of all North American werewolves, for help and encounters an old flame, Samuel Cornick, who decides to move back to the Tri-Cities with Mercy in an effort to win her back.

Blood Bound (2007)[edit]

Mercy accompanies her vampire friend, Stefan, on a task and encounters an evil demon-possessed vampire sorcerer who is on a killing rampage. She learns that only she can stop the sorcerer, and with everyone she cares for missing, she must take out the sorcerer before he destroys her friends. Amidst all this chaos she is also caught between her feelings for the Alpha of the local werewolf pack, Adam Hauptman, and her old flame, Samuel Cornick, who is currently living with her while he battles internally with his wolf.

Iron Kissed (2008)[edit]

Mercy is requested by her friend and old boss Zee to investigate some murders on the fae reservation near her home. During the investigation Zee is framed as a murderer and Mercy must work to free him from human prison. During the book she finally chooses between Samuel and Adam.

Bone Crossed (2009)[edit]

Mercy has been marked an enemy of the local seethe for killing the right hand man of the head mistress, Marsillia. She becomes mated to Adam and in an effort to save her friends and get away from Marsillia, Mercy travels to Spokane to help her friend rid her house of a ghost. Once there Mercy uncovers a much bigger problem than a ghost and is captured by a powerful vampire on a quest to keep Mercy for her skills as a walker.

Silver Borne (2010)[edit]

In an attempt to return a book she once borrowed from a fae friend, Mercy discovers that something bad has happened to him and she has the reason why in her possession. While she attempts to find her fae friend, Adam's pack is in an upheaval about Mercy being added to the pack without their consent, so they attempt to sabotage her and Adam's relationship.

River Marked (2011)[edit]

Finally hitched, Mercy and Adam vacation on their honeymoon. The honeymoon ends quickly when people start dying in the river. It is up to Mercy and her new friends to stop the monster who is killing. Mercy learns about her heritage and her real father.[3]

Frost Burned (2013)[edit]

When the pack is kidnapped, Mercy is left to rescue the wolves who got away and their families. Finding those responsible is never what it seems. Mercy is learning about her coyote powers and all hell breaks loose once the vampire Marsillia arrives on scene.

Night Broken (2014)[edit]

Adam's ex-wife Christy calls, asking Adam and the pack for help. Her boyfriend had physically hurt her and has been suspected of killing others. While seeking refuge at Mercy and Adam's house, Christy takes over the household, and puts Mercy in an awkward position.

Meanwhile, Beauclaire, the Grey Lord makes an appearance at the house as well, asking for the walking stick but Mercy had already gave it to Coyote in the last novel after defeating the river monster. The Grey Lord had stated that if the stick was not returned, there would be issues. Mercy searches for a way to contact Coyote, and her friend Hank gives her the name of Gary Laughingdog, a prisoner in jail. While visiting Gary, he explains that Coyote is his father, making he and Mercy siblings and has visions of the future. He also takes a liking to Honey, who accompanied Mercy to the prison.

Mercy later has a conversation with police friend Tony, who asks her for help on a crime scene. Someone had mutilated many women and horses, and arranged them in a pattern. She also sees that Gary Laughingdog was at the crime scene in coyote form, escaping from prison. She also speaks to her friend Joel, who is a dog breeder and his wife because Christy's boyfriend had a large breed dog and couldn't figure out the exact dog.

When she is alone late one night at her garage, Christy's boyfriend who goes by the name Juan Flores arrives and they battle. Turns out he is a volcano god, who thought that Christy was his long lost love, the sun god. He has with him a large breed dog that are actually a human in dog form. He is immortal and unbeatable but Mercy fights him until Adam arrives with the help of Tad, Zee's son, who turns out to be a lot more powerful than anyone else actually knew. Mercy was able to kill the dog, who later turned back into a man. Luckily, after Mercy was attacked in an earlier novel, Adam had set up cameras around the garage, and were able to prove Mercy's case.

Knowing that Juan Flores knew where Mercy worked, they deduced that he would know where Christy was, and had everyone evacuate Adam's house and head for Honey's for refuge. Gary speaks to Mercy and tells her he had a vision that he was supposed to come to her, to help with the battle and tell what he knows. They also speak with Kyle, who turns out to know a lot more of the volcano god because his parents used to vacation on the Canary Islands in Spain.

Mercy also realizes that because of the dog she killed, Juan will find a replacement and has kidnapped Joel, whose ancestry shows that his family were from the Canary Islands. Mercy rescues Joel's wife and has her return to Honey's house. Coyote appears to both Mercy and Gary, and while speaking in riddles like Coyote does, Mercy speculates that he made Beauclaire want the walking stick because he wanted Mercy to seek out Gary and Coyote because it's what was needed to help defeat Juan Flores. Coyote also shows Mercy Juan's house, and makes her see that inside the dog guards, they contain the souls of the people, and one of them was Joel. Gary has a vision that states that he needs to accompany Adam on the mission to fight Juan. Adam, and 5 others (not Mercy or Darryl) go to fight Juan. All were enchanted by Samuel's wife Ariana to withstand fire and heat from Juan Flores.

Later after the pack that were sent to fight leave Honey's house, Stefan comes by to visit Mercy. While speaking with him, she hears Juan's car and realizes that Juan is coming to Honey's house and prepares to fight. She has Stefan teleport Christy, Joel's wife and Jessie away from the house. She, along with Darryl and Auriele call Adam and the wolves. Gary answers the phone, because all are in wolf form. Meanwhile, Juan shows up and fights Mercy. One of his dogs breaks Mercy's neck and she blacks out. While out cold, she speaks with Coyote who tells her that there is a way to end the fight, and she has to think hard enough. She realizes that Coyote showed her Joel in dog form from earlier for a reason. When she regains consciousness, she looks at the Joel-dog, and makes him part of the pack, as she is the Alpha mate and has the authority to do so. Once Joel is free from Juan's power, he fights the other dog, and Juan turns to ash. Although Juan is not dead, turns out his two dogs were anchors that allowed him to travel outside the Canary Islands.

Later, Mercy is in the hospital and has discussions with Coyote when blacked out. She is told she is going to die, but miraculously recovers. She believes it was Coyote's magic that helped her survive. While in the hospital room, she gets up to use the bathroom, and the magic stick returns to help her on her journey.