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This is The Misunderstood's discography.

1960s singles[edit]

  • You Don’t Have to Go/Whose Been Talkin'?(Blues Sound, USA 1965)
  • I Can Take You To The Sun (Hill/Brown) / Who Do You Love? (Ellas McDaniel) (Fontana Records 1966)
  • Children of the Sun (Hill/Brown)/I Unseen (Nâzım Hikmet) (Fontana Records, February 1969)
  • Tuff Enough / Little Red Rooster (Fontana, 1969)
  • Never Had A Girl (Like You Before) (Campbell/Hoard) / Golden Glass (Campbell/Hoard) (Fontana TF1041, July 1969)

Children of the Sun[edit]

E.p.: Children of the Sun EP (Cherry Red Records, 1980)

  1. Children of the Sun (Hill/Brown)
  2. I Can Take You To the Sun (Hill/Brown)
  3. Who Do You Love (Original score)

Before the Dream Faded[edit]

Album: (Cherry Red CDMRED32, 1982)

  • Produced by Dick Leahy, recorded 1966 in London at Fontana Studios and IBC
  1. Children of the Sun (Hill/Brown)
  2. My Mind (Hill/Brown)
  3. Who Do You Love (Elias McDaniel)
  4. I Unseen (Nâzım Hikmet)
  5. Find the Hidden Door (Hill/Brown)
  6. I Can Take You to the Sun (Hill/Brown)
  • 1965 USA recordings (preserved from acetate)
  1. I’m Not Talking (Traditional) (Original arrangement)
  2. Who’s Been Talking? (Traditional)
  3. I Need Your Love (Treadway)
  4. You Don’t Have to Go (Traditional)
  5. I Cried My Eyes Out (Treadway)
  6. Like I Do (Treadway)
  7. You've Got Me Crying Over Love (Hidden track)

The Legendary Gold Star Album[edit]

CD and vinyl album, Cherry Red CDMRED142

CD 1: The Legendary Gold Star Album - Produced by John Peel, recorded 1965 in Hollywood, California at Gold Star Studios.

  1. Blues with a Feeling
  2. Who’s Been Talking
  3. You Got Me Dizzy
  4. You Don’t Have To Go Out
  5. Goin To New York
  6. Shake Your Money Maker
  7. I Just Want To Make Love To You
  8. I’m Not Talking (USA)

CD 2 (Bonus): Golden Glass

  1. Never Had A Girl (Like You Before)
  2. Golden Glass
  3. I Don't Want to Discuss It
  4. Little Red Rooster
  5. (You're) Tuff Enough
  6. Freedom
  7. Keep On Running
  8. I'm Cruising

The Lost Acetates 1965-66[edit]

Album: The Lost Acetates 1965-66 (Ugly Things[1] Records, USA 2004)

  • William Locy Sound, Riverside, California, July 1965-January 1966
  1. She Got Me (version 2) (Treadway/Brown)
  2. Don’t Break Me Down (Animal's arrangement)
  3. Bury My Body (Original arrangement)
  4. Why? (Treadway/Brown)
  5. Got Love If You Want It (Kink's arrangement)
  6. She Got Me (version 1) (Treadway/Brown)
  7. End of Time (Treadway)
  8. Thunder & Lightning (Hyot Axton)
  9. I Unseen (version 1) (Nâzım Hikmet) (Riff by Whiting)
  1. Who’s Been Talkin’
  1. My Mind (Hill/Brown)
  2. Find The Hidden Door (Hill/Brown)
  3. Children of the Sun (Hill/Brown)
  4. I Unseen (version 2) (Nâzım Hikmet) (Original arrangement with riff by Whiting)

Broken Road[edit]

Album: Broken Road (Cherry Red CDMRED147, 1998) Produced by Kevin Reach, Recorded 1981-83 in Hollywood CD contains lyrics by Austin Gordon and Kevin Reach.[2]

  1. When the Prophet Comes (Brown, Campbell & Gordon)
  2. Child! (Brown, Campbell & Gordon)
  3. Carry Me Far (Brown, Campbell & Gordon)
  4. Peace of Mind (Brown, Campbell & Gordon)
  5. Children of the Sun (Hill/Brown)
  6. I Unseen (Nâzım Hikmet) (Original arrangement: Steve Whiting)
  7. Smile on Me! (Brown/Campbell)
  8. No Survivors II (Brown, Campbell, Reach & Gordon)
  9. Queen of Madness (Brown, Campbell & Gordon)
  10. No Survivors I (Brown, Campbell & Gordon)
  11. When the Prophet Comes (Brown, Campbell & Gordon)
  12. Let Us Influence You (Campbell/Brown
  13. Broken Road (Campbell)
  14. Mona (Live) (Ellas McDaniel)


  • Acid Drops, Spacedust & Flying Saucers: Psychedelic Confectionery - Performer
  • Ghetto South - Vocals
  • Pillows & Prayers, Vol. 1 - Performer
  • Acid: Final Frontier - Performer
  • In Search of Space: 60's to 70's, Vol. 3 - Performer
  • Pillows & Prayers, Vol. 2 - Performer
  • And the Heavens Cried - Performer
  • Nuggets II - Performer
  • Rare Trax vol. 32 - Eight Miles High. US Psychedelic Underground from the 60's and 70's. - Performer


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