The Rose of Avalanche

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The Rose of Avalanche
Origin Yorkshire, England
Genres Alternative rock, Post-Punk, Gothic Rock
Years active 1984–1993
Labels Leeds Independent, Fire, Avalantic
Past members Philip Morris
Paul James Berry
Glenn Schultz
Alan Davis
Nicol Mackay
Mark Thompson
Darren Horner
Andrew Porter

The Rose of Avalanche were an alternative rock band from Leeds Yorkshire, England, formed in 1984. They released seven albums before splitting up in 1993.


Formed during 1984, in Leeds, England by founding members Phil Morris, Paul James Berry and Alan Davis. The name came from the “rose” for the beauty and the “avalanche” for the power, as a way of describing their music. The Rose of Avalanche quickly found recognition for their song writing ability.

Before they had played a gig they signed to local independent label LiL, and released two singles: "LA Rain" and "Goddess". Both made Number 1 in the UK Independent Chart, with "LA Rain" also featuring in John Peel’s (the legendary Radio1 DJ) Festive 50 in 1985.

After this initial success, Fire Records signed the band and the personnel changed. The “classic” line up was now Phil Morris, Paul James Berry, Glenn Schultz, Nicol McKay, and Mark Thompson. “Mass market” exposure came with the support slot on The Mission’s 1986/87 World Crusade Tour. This line up released a further five singles and the first official studio album – "Never Another Sunset" in 1989.

Shultz and McKay left the band in 1989, and new bass player Darren Horner was recruited to replace McKay. This line up released one EP “A Peace Inside”. Further personal changes occurred in 1990 with Thompson leaving to be replaced by Andy Porter. The final line up then delivered one EP and two Albums “String A Beads” in 1990, and “ICE” in 1991. Before permanently breaking up, the band played live once more in 1993. The lineup consisted of Morris, Horner and Schultz + drum machine.

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Paul James Berry (Solo), and Glenn & Mark (The Pact) are still active in the business. Paul can be contacted via: his website,Twitter, etc..... And Glenn & Mark (The Pact) a can be contacted via MySpace.



  • Rose of Avalanche (1985), Contempo
  • First Avalanche (1986), Leeds Independent Label - UK Indie No. 3[1]
  • Always There (1987), Fire
  • In Rock (1988), Fire - UK Indie No. 10[1]
  • Anthology (1988), Fire
  • Live at Town and Country (1988), Contempo
  • Never Another Sunset (1989), Avalantic - UK Indie No. 10[1]
  • String 'a' Beads (1990), Avalantic
  • I.C.E. (1991), Avalantic
  • LA Rain - The Singles Album" (1997), Nectar Records

Singles, EPs[edit]

  • "L.A. Rain" (1985), Leeds Independent Label - UK Indie No. 10[1]
  • "Goddess" (1985), Leeds Independent Label - UK Indie No. 16[1]
  • "Too Many Castles In the Sky" (1986), Fire - UK Indie No. 8[1]
  • "Velveteen" (1986), Fire - UK Indie No. 9[1]
  • "Always There" (1987), Fire - UK Indie No. 3[1]
  • Too Many Castles in the Sky/Velveteen double 7-inch EP Re-issue(1987), Fire
  • "The World Is Ours" (1988), Avalantic - UK Indie No. 8[1]
  • "Never Another Sunset" (1989), Avalantic - UK Indie No. 19[1]
  • A Peace Inside EP (1989), Avalantic
  • I Believe' (1990), Rebel Rec


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