The Secret Jewel Box

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The Secret Jewel Box
Box set by Steve Vai
Released December 11, 2001
Recorded 1980 to ?
Genre Progressive rock
Hard rock
Instrumental rock
Length ??
Label Light Without Heat
Producer Steve Vai
Steve Vai chronology
The 7th Song, Enchanting Guitar Melodies (Archives Vol. 1)
The Secret Jewel Box
FZ Original Recordings; Steve Vai (Archives Vol. 2)

The Secret Jewel Box is a ten-CD box set, a collection of music by guitarist Steve Vai, released in 2001. Vai's website describes it as "not a compilation of Vai's catalog, but rather something far more conceptual. The series includes soundtracks, rarities, outtakes and oddities, out of print albums, Vai’s recordings with Frank Zappa and with early bands Alcatrazz and The Classified, acoustic piano interpretations of Vai songs, even an eclectic audio art project."[1]

The box and the first three CDs released in 2001, Only 10,000 boxes been manufactured. Those who purchase the box will be notified when the remaining seven CDs are ready. The 100-page booklet will be sent out after the last CD is produced to those who have collected all the CDs within the box.


Volume Year Album Info
01 2001 The Elusive Light and Sound, volume 1 Included in Box, Re-released as separate CD in 2002
02 2001 Alcatrazz - "Disturbing the Peace" Included & Only in this Box
03 2001 Frank Zappa Original Recordings; Steve Vai (Archives, Vol. 2) Included & Only in this Box
04 2003 Mystery Tracks (Archives Vol. 3)
05 2003 Various Artists (Archives Vol. 4)
06 2004 "Vai: Piano Reductions, Vol. 1" (by Mike Keneally)
07 & 08 "Alcatrazz: Panic Jungle [Live In Japan]"
09 "Steve Vai & The Classified"
10 "Hot Chunks"


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