The Skylarks

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The Skylarks
Origin Liverpool, England
Genres Alternative rock
Years active 1997–2003
Labels Morning Glory[disambiguation needed]
Associated acts Familiar Looking Strangers,The Black Velvets, The Joneses, The Stands, The Zutons, Kingdom.
Past members Vinny McPoland
Paul Molloy
Dave Dutton
Michael Fitzgerald
Dave Baker

The Skylarks were a cult alternative rock band from Liverpool, England


The Skylarks formed in 1996 by Paul Molloy and Vinny McPoland. In 1997 they were joined by Dave Dutton and Michael Fitzgerald on drums. In 1999 Michael Fitzgerald left and was replaced by Dave Baker. The Skylarks gained a reputation in Liverpool in the early 2000s. In 2001 they locally released a much touted eponymous E.P recorded by Dave Scott at the Motor Museum, Liverpool. A gig at the Cavern Club attracted the attention of Japanese record label Morning Glory with whom the band recorded an 8 song album at Parr Street Studios. The album, Death Of The 20th Century Man, was released to Japanese audiences in 2002.

Following their break-up in 2003 Dave Dutton went on to form The Black Velvets and most recently Kingdom. Paul Molloy briefly joined The Joneses and then Howie Payne's band The Stands. He then joined The Zutons as lead guitarist. Vinny McPoland later went on to form Familiar Looking Strangers with Dave Baker's brother Paul Baker, with Dave Baker playing drums. After The Skylarks break up Dave Baker formed The Flys with his brother Paul, he then hooked up with Paul Molloy again in Howie Payne's band, leaving to form The Fahrenheits with his brother Paul. He then done two stints in Familiar Looking Strangers, in between joining The Roulettes. After his second stint in Familiar Looking Strangers he formed White Light with Sky Evans from The Roulettes.


Death Of The 20th Century Man[edit]

  • Release Date: 2002
  • Produced by The Skylarks and Hitoshi Atobe

CD (MGR-1004):

  1. "Death Of The 20th Century Man"
  2. "Revelation At The Bottom Of A Tomb"
  3. "Lady Heroine"
  4. "Half A Million Miles"
  5. "Umbrella"
  6. "Preachers And Prophets"
  7. "Disco Diva"
  8. "Welcome To The Art Gallery"

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