The Spirit House

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The Spirit House
Author William Sleator
Country USA
Language English
Publication date
November 1, 1993
Media type Print
Followed by Dangerous Wishes

The Spirit House is a 1993 young adult novel by William Sleator. It was later followed up with the 1997 Dangerous Wishes.


The Spirit House follows the character of Julie, a young girl whose family is housing exchange student Bia. When Julie's younger brother builds a Thai Spirit House for Bai, strange things begin to happen and Julie's luck begins to turn.


Kirkus Reviews praised The Spirit House, calling it "a feat" and "a treat".[1] The Boston Globe's Stephanie Loer wrote that the book had a "terrific twist" and that "fans will not be disappointed".[2] Jon Scieszka praised the book as an "eerie novel of suspense".[3] The School Library Journal stated that while the "premise is clever and the characterization of Bia is convincing", the book "as a whole is sketchy and underdeveloped, more like a detailed outline than a fully realized novel" and "the thematic confrontation of Western logic and Eastern superstition seems heavy-handed".[4]


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