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The Ten Tenors, September 2009, San Diego, California

The TEN Tenors (also known as TTT or 'The TEN') is an Australian music ensemble that has toured world-wide since its formation in 1995.[1] In a typical set, the group performs Queen standards, including "Bohemian Rhapsody", and "The Show Must Go On"; hits from Meatloaf; AC/DC and much more. Midway, it switches gears to perform opera tunes and native Australian tunes (including I Still Call Australia Home). Their 2006 album Here's To The Heroes was heavily influenced by the music of John Barry.

The Ten Tenors double CD (one live and one studio recorded) “Larger Than Life” CD was recorded in Australia and Germany and released in 2004 Europe and USA, with some of these tracks being released in Australia under the title “Tenology (The Best So Far)”. Andy Arthurs and Richard Vella were the recording co-producers. Some of these tracks drew on traditional opera repertoire, but many were reinvented for a broader non-opera going audience.

Nowadays, the group has evolved into a rock-opera touring group, pushing the boundaries of the classical genre and the definition of a tenor. Their latest album "Double Platinum" is a double album featuring classical songs on one disc and contemporary songs on the other. It debuted at #7 on the mainstream charts in New Zealand.

The TEN Tenors reportedly tour an average of 250 show per year over ten months of the year and have sold more than 3.5 million concert tickets worldwide.

In February 2014, The Ten Tenors commenced a four month, 70 show tour[2] across the US with their The Ten Tenors On Broadway show in theatres ranging in size from 800 to 4,000 seats.[1]

Current members[edit]

  • Robert Barbaro
  • Cameron Barclay
  • Benjamin Clark
  • Keane Fletcher
  • Chad Hilligus
  • Paul Gelsumini
  • Sebastian Maclaine
  • Joseph Naim
  • Jared Newall
  • Ben Stephens
  • Luke Kennedy

Alternate: Kyle Sapsford

Note: The roster of members does change - the above list is current as at mid-March 2014.[3]


Musical Director: Steven Baker.[4]
Production Manager/Chief Audio Engineer: Rupert Pletzer
Lighting Designer: Shawn Gallen

Previous members[edit]

  • Craig "Burce" Atkinson
  • Daniel Belle
  • Thomas David Birch
  • Shannon "Bomber" Brown
  • Shaun Brown
  • Roger Davy
  • Scott Fields
  • Graham Foote
  • George Forgan-Smith
  • Jack Fowles
  • Drew "Creamy Goodness" Graham
  • Gordon Harris
  • Craig "Chendry" Hendry
  • Matthew "Bryan" Hickey
  • Luke "Kenlee" Kennedy[5]
  • Kim Kirkman
  • Nathan "Merten" Kneen
  • Rosario La Spina
  • Adam Lopez
  • Bradley McCaw
  • Liam McLachlan
  • Kent Maddock
  • Dion Molinas
  • Greg Moore
  • Stewart "Sancho" Morris
  • Scott Muller
  • Boyd Owen
  • Adrian "Gary" Phillips
  • Josh (JP) Pitermann
  • Jordan S. Pollard
  • Andrew "Fetch" Pryor
  • Jason "Shorty" Short
  • Dominic "Panda" Smith
  • Steven Sowden
  • Tod Strike
  • Jeff Teale
  • Jason "Chopper" Turnbull
  • Bernard Wheaton



  • 1998 – Tenorissimo!
  • 1999 – Colours
  • 2000 – Untied (also known as One Is Not Enough in Europe)
  • 2001 – A Not So Silent Night
  • 2004 – Larger Than Life
  • 2005 – Tenology (The Best of So Far...) #8 AUS
  • 2005 – A Not So Silent Night (remastered and remixed with new tracks, available at concerts in Germany and as bonus CD with Tenology Limited Christmas Edition in the USA)
  • 2006 – Here's to the Heroes #8 AUS
  • 2008 – Nostalgica #27 AUS
  • 2011 – Nostalgica – International Edition (with bonus tracks from their performance on Oprah's Ultimate Adventure)
  • 2011 – Double Platinum (Double album) #17 AUS


  • 2000 – Colours – VHS (Australia & New Zealand only)
  • 2002 – One Is Not Enough – DVD (Europe only)
  • 2004 – Larger Than Life – DVD (USA, Canada & Australia only)
  • 2006 – Here's to the Heroes – DVD
  • 2009 – Amigos Para Siempre CD/DVD pack


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