The Whispering of the Gods

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The Whispering of the Gods
The Whispering of the Gods DVD Cover.jpg
Directed by Tatsushi Ōmori
Produced by Shinichiro Muraoka
Genjiro Arato
Written by Yoshio Urasawa
Based on Gerumaniumu no yoru by Mangetsu Hanamura
Starring Hirofumi Arai
Nao Ōmori
Music by Shuichi Chino
Cinematography Ryō Ohtsuka
Edited by Yoshiyuki Okuhara
Arato Film Inc.
Distributed by Arato Film Inc.
Running time
107 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

The Whispering of the Gods (ゲルマニウムの夜 Gerumaniumu no yoru?) is a 2005 Japanese drama film directed by Tatsushi Ōmori and based on a 1998 novel by Mangetsu Hanamura. Released without approval from Eirin,[1] the film details abuse in a tight-knit Catholic farming community where a teenager who has committed murder takes refuge.


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