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For the country music duo known as the Wrights, see The Wrights (country duo).
For the name, see Wright.
The Wrights
Origin Australia
Genres Rock
Years active 2004
Labels Flashpoint / EMI
Associated acts

Dallas Crane
The Easybeats
The Living End
Stevie Wright

You Am I
Past members Nic Cester
Chris Cheney
Davey Lane
Mark "Kram" Maher
Pat Bourke
Daniel Vandenberg
Bernard Fanning
Warren "Pig" Morgan
Harry Vanda
Phil Jamieson
Dan Knight
Louise Anton
Chris Cester

The Wrights were a one-off Australian rock music "supergroup". They consisted of Nic Cester (of Jet), Bernard Fanning (of Powderfinger), Phil Jamieson (of Grinspoon), Kram (of Spiderbait), Chris Cheney (of The Living End), Davey Lane (of You Am I and The Pictures) and Pat Bourke (of Dallas Crane). They are named after Australian music legend and former Easybeats frontman Stevie Wright, and original performer of the song-trilogy "Evie" which was the group's feature song.


Their first and only single was a cover version of Stevie Wright's song "Evie", an 11 minute song consisting of three parts. "Evie (Pt 1)" was first performed at the ARIA awards in 2004. They performed the whole trilogy live for the first time at the Sydney Cricket Ground as part of WaveAid, and it was released as a single in February 2005. "Evie (Pt 1)" featured Nic Cester as the vocalist, while Pts 2 and 3 featured vocalists Bernard Fanning of Powderfinger and Phil Jamieson of Grinspoon.

The profits for the single were donated to Stevie Wright and the Salvation Army to improve drug and alcohol rehabilitation, as well as the Red Cross for the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami.

The three-part single by The Wrights, i.e. "Evie Pts 1, 2 and 3" is available on the double-CD album "Easy Fever: A Tribute to the Music of the Easybeats and Stevie Wright". (Sony BMG, 2008)

The original single debuted at #2 on the Australian ARIA Singles Chart on the week of 2005-03-07.


The Wrights made a one-off reunion at 'Roosistence', a concert organised by Australian musician Tim Rogers (of You Am I) in a bid to avoid the relocation of the North Melbourne Football Club, an Australian rules football club currently situated in Melbourne, which was under pressure from the AFL to move to the Gold Coast in Queensland at the time. They played Rose Tattoo's famous resilient song, "We Can't be Beaten" (from their album Scarred for Life) alongside other Australian acts including You Am I, Tex Perkins, Something For Kate, Mick Thomas and Rob Clarkson.[1]


"Evie" Part 1 - "Let Your Hair Hang Down"[edit]

"Evie" Part 2 - "Evie"[edit]

  • Bernard Fanning (Powderfinger) - Vocals
  • Warren "Pig" Morgan - Piano
  • Harry Vanda (Easybeats) - String Arrangement

"Evie" Part 3 - "I'm Losing You"[edit]

Backing vocals[edit]


  • Produced by Harry Vanda and Glenn Goldsmith
  • Mixed by Daniel Vandenberg.


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