Thessaloniki International Trade Fair

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International Fair area.
OTE Tower is a landmark of the complex and the city.

The Thessaloniki International Trade Fair (Greek: Διεθνής Έκθεση Θεσσαλονίκης (ΔΕΘ), Diethnis Ekthesi Thessalonikis (DETH)) is an annual commercial exhibition event of great importance in Greece and Southeastern Europe, taking place at the 180,000m² Thessaloniki International Exhibition Center in Thessaloniki, Greece. The fair was first held in 1926 and today is organised by HELEXPO.

It has been customary for the country's Prime Minister to set out his government's policies for each coming year in a speech at the annual Thessaloniki International Trade Fair, and for this reason the event has political significance in addition to its commercial importance.

Similar trade fairs of the city have occurred regularly since the Byzantine era, attracting traders from all over the Balkans.[1]


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