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Τholos, a circular building, may refer to:

  • Tholos tomb, or Beehive tomb
  • Tholos, keyhole-shaped houses of the Halaf culture of the Ancient Near East
  • A circular temple of Ancient Greece
    • The Tholos at Athens, a building which housed the Prytaneion, or seat of government, in ancient Athens
    • The Tholos at Delphi, a circular building located approximately 800 metres from the main site of the ruined Temple of Apollo
    • The Tholos at Epidaurus, a circular building with an ornate astronomical floor design
  • Tholos, an alternative name of Theologos, Rhodes, a village in Greece
  • Tholos (Ancient Rome), a structure found in the centre of the macellum
  • The tallest part of the United States Capitol dome, on which the Statue of Freedom stands