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Thomas Blachman

Thomas Blachman (born 1963) is a Danish jazz musician, composer and five times Danish Music Awards-winner.[1]


He is the son of Henning and Annie Blachman. One of his grandfathers is Isak Blachman, a Jewish immigrant from Vitebsk, Belarus, who moved in 1911.

He was married until 2012 to Viola Heyn-Johnsen.

X Factor[edit]

From 2008 to 2009, Blachman appeared as an original judge on the Danish version of X Factor alongside Lina Rafn and Remee. He mentored the Over 25s and his act Heidi Svelmøe Herløw came in third. Blachman returned as a judge for a second season in 2009 alongside Remee and Rafn and he mentored the 15-24's. His act Mohamed Ali finished in third place. After season 2, Blachman announced he would not return for the third season in 2010. He was replaced by Soulshock.

In 2011, Blachman returned for the show's fourth season. He joined returning judge Pernille Rosendahl and new judge Cutfather. Following the departures of Lina Rafn and Remee, Blachman was the only original judge on the show left. He mentored the Over 25s category and his act Annelouise was the runner-up. Blachman also returned for the fifth season in 2012 and mentored the Groups. Blachman's last act Nicoline Simone & Jean Michel withdrew after week 4, leaving him with no acts.

Blachman returned to the show for its sixth season in 2013 and was given the 15-24's category, while Pernille Rosendahl and Cutfather left the show after season 5 along with host Lise Rønne. Ida Corr and Anne Linnet replaced Rosendahl and Cutfather for that season, while Signe Molde replaced Rønne as host. His last act, Karoline, finished as runner-up. Blachman returned as a judge for season 7 in 2014, while Ida Corr and Anne Linnet were replaced by original judges Lina Rafn and Remee. He mentored the groups, which consisted of Anthony Jasmin, lickety-spilt and ManBand. lickety-spilt were in bottom two with Pernille Nortrup, mentored by Remee, and was voted home by Rafn and Remee. ManBand were in bottom two with Nortrup in week 5 and was voted home by Rafn and Remee, with only Blachman voting to keep ManBand. Anthony Jasmin made it through to the finale and won, marking Blachman's first season as the winning mentor.


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After finishing season six of X Factor, Blachman started his own self-titled TV series, in which he and other men judge the bodies of naked women. It is currently screening on DR2 in Denmark.[2]


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