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Thoth and Djehuty and similar usually refer to the Ancient Egyptian god Thoth.

They can also refer to:


Fiction, Comics and Video games[edit]

  • The Ring of Thoth (aka: The Mummy), a story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for The Cornhill Magazine, published 1890
  • Zehuti, a god formerly invoked by Black Adam in DC Comics. A character of that name also advises the magical champion Ibis the Invincible in the DC Universe.
  • Jehuty, the Orbital Frame of the protagonists in the Zone of the Enders game series by Konami
  • Thoth (AI), one of the AI personalities in the video game Marathon Infinity.



  • Jex Thoth, a San Francisco-based American Doom Metal and Psychedelic rock band
  • The Lamp of Thoth, a British Occult Doom Metal band