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For the American radio personality, see Tim Marshall (radio host). For the civil engineer, meteorologist, and storm chaser, see Timothy P. Marshall.

Timothy John 'Tim' Marshall (born 1959), is Diplomatic Editor for Sky News, the 24-hour television news service operated by Sky Television, part of British Sky Broadcasting. He is based at Sky Centre in West London. He has reported from Europe, the United States and Asia. Having served in the RAF prior to his journalistic career, he has reported from a number of war zones. His most notable work for the channel is perhaps a six hour unbroken broadcast during the first Gulf War.


Marshall was educated at Prince Henry's Grammar School, a former state grammar school in the market town of Otley, in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Life and career[edit]

Before joining Sky News, Marshall served in the Royal Air Force, and later reported for IRN. He has also worked in various capacities for the BBC.

Marshall spent most of the 1999 Kosovo War reporting from Belgrade, being one of very few western journalists allowed to report from one of the main targets of NATO bombing raids. When the Nato troops entered Pristina, Marshall was there to greet them as they arrived. His one (brief) return trip to the UK during the Kosovo conflict was to get married. More recently, he reported from the front line during the invasion of Afghanistan and has spent a considerable amount of time in Iraq, reporting on the country's transition to democracy. In August 2005 he covered Israel's Gaza disengagement.

Marshall has also been Middle East Correspondent and Europe Correspondent for the channel, and regularly contributed to the channel's former World News Tonight international news bulletin (including as stand-in host).

Marshall's blog, which can be viewed on the Sky News website, was short-listed for the Orwell Prize 2010.

Personal life[edit]

Marshall is a supporter of Leeds United.

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