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Tina Nordström

Tina Nordström (born 6 August 1973 in Välluv, Skåne County) is a Swedish celebrity chef, television personality, and pitch lady from Helsingborg, Sweden. She hosted the second season of New Scandinavian Cooking on PBS stations on American television, replacing Andreas Viestad as host of the show; she was succeeded by Claus Meyer. She also appeared in a subsequent series featuring the same cast in rotation called "Perfect Day", produced by Tellusworks/Anagram Produktion and directed by Andreas Lindergard.

Besides the cookery show Mat ("Food"), which she made together with Tomas Tengby, she has written cookbooksTinas mat ("Tina's food"), Tina and Jättegott Tina.

Nordström won the Swedish Let's Dance television show in 2008. In 2009, she produced Tinas cookalong, with Gordon Ramsay as a guest cook.[1]


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