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Municipality and town
Frente parroquia tolu.jpg
Flag of Tolú
Official seal of Tolú
Location of the municipality and town of Tolú in the Sucre Department of Colombia.
Location of the municipality and town of Tolú in the Sucre Department of Colombia.
Country  Colombia
Department Sucre Department
Time zone Colombia Standard Time (UTC-5)

Tolú is a small municipality and town in Sucre Department, northern Colombia by the Caribbean sea. The municipality has an area of 500 km². The name of Tolú comes from a tree called the Balsam of Tolú.

Tolú offers ecotourism ideal for diving and rain forest treks.

The fishing town has now become a popular weekend and holiday destination for Colombian tourists, particularly those from Medellín. Activities in the area include day trips to visit the Archipelago de San Bernardo. This is a beautiful collection of pristine Caribbean islands, one of which, Isla Palma contains an impressive Ecological Park. Nearby land attractions include the Volcan de Lodo or Mud volcano of San Antero.

Tolú is a word that comes from the name of the Indians that inhabited the place, called Tolúes.

The municipality of Tolú borders North with San Onofre, East with Toluviejo, South with Coveñas, Palmito and Sincelejo.

Notable people[edit]

  • Héctor Rojas Herazo (1920–2002), novelist, poet and painter
  • Medardo Iriarte Torrente, Mayor and most notable patriarch in the 1940s
  • Carlos Adolfo Iriarte Sotomayor, (1941- ) illustrious and notable person

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Coordinates: 9°32′N 75°35′W / 9.533°N 75.583°W / 9.533; -75.583