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For the English footballer of the 1940s and '50s, see Tommy Parker (footballer).
Tommy Parker
Born Tom Theunisz
(1984-05-29) May 29, 1984 (age 31)
Maastricht, Limburg, Netherlands
Occupation Singer, Actor
Years active 2005–present

Tommy Parker "Tom" Theunisz (born May 29, 1984) is a Dutch singer and actor. He reached the mentor rounds of the first season of the German X Factor [1] and had a small part in the feature film Amsterdam Heavy.[2]

Early life[edit]

Parker was born in the south of the Netherlands Maastricht, Limburg better than known as Tom Theunisz.[3] Parker studied for one year drama at the school for drama in 2003 en studied for four years television journalism in Tilburg. As a singer he sang in different rock bands when he was a teenager.


In 2010 Tommy auditioned for the first season of X Factor Germany. After two pre selections Tommy was picked to sing for judges: Sarah Connor, Till Broner and George Gluck in a TV show with audience. Broner praised Parker for his sound and said that the Dutch have more good import products than cheese alone, apparently some good singers too. Connor liked the performance and his unique style. Tommy reached the mentor rounds with Till Broner as his mentor, who loved Parker´s performances but didn't think Tommy was ready yet and had to make a choice with whom he would battle against the other mentors. Referring to the game element of X Factor.[1]

On April 20, 2012 Tommy Parker released his first single Run For Our Money via Interscope Digital! The music video was shot in the weekend of march 18 and features Dutch actress: Dorien Rose Duinker.[4]

In October 2012 Canadian director Charlie David announced that Run for our Money would be featured in the reality tv series I'm a Stripper.[5]


In 2006 Tommy was one of the 18 talents who was picked to make reports for Dutch national network BNN. One year later he interviewed Cameron Diaz, John Legend and Rowan Atkinson for Dutch network NOS.[6][7]

He directed and worked on two music videos for Dutch artist Joyze.[8] He cast award winning actress Melody Klaver and actor Mike Weerts to act in the music video. The single became a top 30 hit in the Netherlands.

He directed the second music video Joyze: Way Too Long.[9]

He also directed two documentaries SAT2D: The Road To Pinkpop (Broadcast by L1) [10] and Thousand Hills Journalist (for lokaalmondiaal) [11]

Parker had a small part in the American movie Amsterdam Heavy, which starred Michael Madsen and Alison Carroll. The film premiered at Cannes film festival 2011.[2]


Feature films[edit]


  • Impossible (Joyze Music Video) (2008)
  • Way Too Long (Joyze Music Video) (2008)
  • Thousand Hills Journalist (Documentary) (2008)
  • SAT2D: The Road To Pinkpop(Documentary) (2009)


  • Golf & More (RTL7) (2010) .... Tommy Parker
  • X Factor (Vox, RTL Germany) (2010) .... Tommy Parker
  • NOS Headlines (NOS) (2007) .... Tommy Parker


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