Toquima Range

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Location of the Toquima Range within Nevada

Coordinates: 38°56′27″N 116°50′09″W / 38.9407631°N 116.8359142°W / 38.9407631; -116.8359142

The Toquima Range is a line of mountains in northwestern Nye County, in central Nevada in the western United States. From Hickison Summit on U.S. Route 50, the range runs for approximately 71 miles (115 km) to the south-southwest. To its west are Big Smoky Valley, scenic State Route 376, and the large Toiyabe Range. To the east are remote Monitor Valley and the Monitor Range. Lying to the south of the range are U.S. Route 6 (Nevada) and the community of Tonopah, while to the north is U.S. Route 50 ("The Loneliest Highway in America"), leading to the small community of Austin.

Cliffs on the eastern flanks of Mt. Jefferson, in the Toquima Range.

The high central section of the Toquima Range is a large area of subalpine tundra. Three summits here comprise Mount Jefferson, the highest points in the range (and in all of central Nevada). The southern summit rises to an elevation of 11,941 feet (3639 m). This section of the range is protected as the Alta Toquima Wilderness Area.

South of this area are the historic mining district of Manhattan, Spanish Peak (10,746 ft, 3275 m), and Shoshone Mountain (10,907 ft, 3324 m). To the north are Wildcat Peak (10,507 ft, 3202 m) and White Rock Mountain (10,156 ft, 3095 m).


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