Trick Baby

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Trick Baby
Trick Baby 1972.jpg
Directed by Larry Yust
Produced by Marshal Backlar
James Levitt
Written by Novel:
Iceberg Slim
A. Neuberg
T. Raewyn
Larry Yust
Starring Kiel Martin
Mel Stewart
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release dates
December 1972
Running time
89 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Trick Baby is a 1972 American crime-drama film starring Kiel Martin and Mel Stewart. The film is commonly associated with the blaxploitation genre of the period but is more plot and character driven than other blaxploitation films. Trick Baby is based on the Iceberg Slim novel of the same name.[1]


“White Folks” (Kiel Martin) and “Blue” Howard (Mel Stewart) are two con men in Philadelphia. White Folks is the son of a white father and a black prostitute mother (the reason his enemies call him Trick Baby) whose complexion is light enough for him to pass as a white man. Blue is an older black hustler who raised White Folks and taught him “the con”. The pair pulls off the biggest score of their lives but before they can collect the money a previous con is complicating things. Unbeknownst to them their previous victim had mob ties and now they have run afoul of the Mafia and a corrupt cop. They must decide whether to leave town or risk their lives to collect the $130,000 from their most brilliant con.


  • Kiel Martin as “White Folks”
  • Mel Stewart as "Blue" Howard
  • Vernee Watson-Johnson as Cleo Howard
  • Clebert Ford as Josephus
  • David Thomas as Frascatti
  • Jim King as Duke
  • Dallas Edwards Hayes as Dot Murray
  • Tony Mazzadra as Nino Parelli

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