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The Ultra-High-Performance lamp, a high-pressure mercury arc lamp often known by the Philips trademark UHP, was originally known as the ultra-high-pressure lamp.[1][2] It was developed by Philips in 1995 for use in commercial projection systems, home theatre projectors, MD-PTVs and video walls. Unlike other common mercury vapor lamps used in projection systems, it is not a metal halide lamp, but uses only mercury. Philips claims a lifetime of over 10,000 hours for the lamps. These lamps are highly efficient compared to other projection lamps – a single 132 watt UHP lamp is used by DLP manufacturers such as Samsung and RCA to power their DLP rear-projection TV lines, however Laser Display technology could be the superseding technology due to its increased longevity and display characteristics.

Known manufacturers of high pressure discharge lamps (UHP or similar)[edit]

  • Iwasaki (HSCR)
  • Osram/Sylvania (P-VIP)
  • Panasonic, Matsushita (HS)
  • Philips (UHP)
  • Phoenix (SHP)
  • Ushio (NSH)
  • Panasonic (UHM)

Devices using UHP lamps[edit]

  • Samsung DLP rear-projection TV sets.
  • Sony LCD rear-projection TV sets.
  • Most Digital Projectors Manufactured post 2001 (except LED projectors)
  • Olympus ILP-2 High Intensity Light Source
  • Mitsubishi DLP Projection Televisions
  • Barco Sim7 series LCoS simulation projectors


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External links[edit]

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