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This article is about the input method. For the UIM card used in mobile phones, see Removable User Identity Module. For the University, see International University of Multimedia. For the political party, see Ulster Independence Movement. For the governing body for motorboat racing, see Union Internationale Motonautique.
Initial release August 26, 2002
Stable release 1.8.6 / June 30, 2013; 20 months ago (2013-06-30)
Preview release none
Type Input method
License BSD license
Website code.google.com/p/uim/

uim (short for "universal input method") is a multilingual input method framework. Applications can use it through so-called bridges.

Supported applications[edit]

uim supports the X Window System legacy XIM (short for X Input Method) through the uim-xim bridge. Many X applications are written in either GTK+ or Qt, which have their own modules dealing with input methods, and uim supports both of these with its GTK+ and Qt immodules.

uim has a bridge for the console (uim-fep), Emacs (uim.el), and Mac (MacUIM).

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