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Under Two Flags (1867) was a best-selling novel of the late 1860s by Ouida. Perhaps "her best" novel.[1]


The novel is about The Hon. Bertie Cecil (nicknamed Beauty of the Brigades).[2][3]

At the beginning of the novel, Bertie has strong homoerotic ties to his best friend and servant.

He exiles himself to Algeria where he joins the Chasseurs d'Afrique, a regiment comprising soldiers from various countries, rather like the French Foreign Legion.

Bertie's "inconvenient" admirers are erased, with the result that Bertie is converted to a person whose identity is socially acceptable.[4]


The book has also served as a basis for a number of stage and film adaptations.

Classics Illustrated # 86 Under Two Flags is an excellent adaptation with outstanding comic art by Maurice del Bourgo.



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