2008 United States federal budget

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2008 (2008) Budget of the United States federal government
Submitted by George W. Bush
Submitted to 110th Congress
Total revenue $2.7 trillion (estimated)
Total expenditures $2.9 trillion (estimated)
Deficit $239 billion (requested)
$454.8 billion (actual)
Debt $10.02 trillion (estimated)
Website http://www.gpoaccess.gov/USbudget/fy08/hist.html US Government Printing Office

The United States federal budget for fiscal year 2008 was a spending request by President George W. Bush to fund government operations for October 2007-September 2008. Figures shown in this article do not reflect the actual appropriations by Congress for Fiscal Year 2008.

Total receipts[edit]

Estimated receipts for fiscal year 2008 were $2.66 trillion.

Total spending[edit]

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A pie chart representing spending by category for the US budget for 2008

The President's budget for 2008 totals $2.9 trillion. Percentages in parentheses indicate percentage change compared to 2007. This budget request is broken down by the following expenditures:

The Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan are not included in the regular budget. Instead they are funded through special appropriations.[1]


With projected receipts significantly less than projected outlays, the budget proposed by President Bush predicts a net deficit of approximately 240 billion dollars. The actual deficit was 454.8 billion.


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