Universidad Santo Tomás de Aquino

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Universidad Santo Tomás de Aquino
Established 1538 (unofficially), not by the "Pase Regio" of the King of Spain until 1551 (official establishment).
Type Public. It disappeared in 1823.
Location Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Website http://www.uasd.edu.do

The Universidad Santo Tomás de Aquino (St. Thomas Aquinas University) was founded during the reign of Charles I of Spain. It was the first (unofficial) institution of higher education in the western hemisphere.

Originally a seminary operated by Catholic monks of the Dominican Order, the institution was reorganized as a university by a papal bull (In Apostulatus Culmine dated 28 October 1538 by Pope Paul III); however, it was not officially recognized by Royal Decree until 1558. It was then called Universidad Santo Tomás de Aquino (University of Saint Thomas Aquinas).

The Universidad Santo Tomás de Aquino' was created by the Papal Bull In Apostolatus St Thomas Aquinas Culminates with the name of University, on October 28, 1538. With this act by Pope Paul III, it became the first university in the Western Hemisphere.

Prior to its conversion into a full university, the institution had been a Studium Generate (seminary), founded in 1518 and operated by the Dominican Order.

In its structure and purpose the new university was modeled after the University of Alcalá in the city of Henares, Spain. In this capacity it became a standard-bearer for the medieval ideology of the Spanish Conquest, and received royal recognition in 1551. In this royal decree, the university was given the name University of Saint Thomas Aquinas (Universidad Santo Tomás de Aquino).

It disappeared in 1823. (http://www.bibliotecasvirtuales.com/biblioteca/literaturadominicana/pedrohu/culturayletrascoloniales/LasUniversidades.asp)

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