Uriah Rennie

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Uriah Rennie
Uriah rennie.jpg
Full name Uriah D. Rennie
Born (1959-10-23) 23 October 1959 (age 55)
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England
Other occupation Magistrate
Years League Role
? -1994 Northern Premier League Referee
1994-1997 Football League Referee
1997-2009 Premier League Referee
Years League Role
2000-2005 FIFA listed Referee

Uriah D. Rennie (born 23 October 1959[1] in Sheffield, South Yorkshire) is a retired English football referee.


He began refereeing in 1979 in local leagues, then operated in the Northern Premier League until 1994, at which time he was appointed to the Football League List of referees.

He was given his first Premiership appointment on 23 August 1997, controlling the 2-0 away win by Crystal Palace at Leeds United, goals being scored by Paul Warhurst and Attilio Lombardo.[2]

In 2000, he became a FIFA referee.[3]

He dealt Alan Shearer his first red card in a Newcastle v Aston Villa match in 1999, the reason for the red card was "persistent use of the elbow"

In 2001, he joined the Select Group of professional referees. Keith Hackett, head of the Professional Game Match Officials Board has described him as "the fittest referee we have ever seen on the national and world scene."[4]

He refereed the 2001 (old) Football League Division One Play-off Final between Bolton Wanderers and Preston North End at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, when Bolton won 3-0 with goals from Farrelly, Ricketts and Gardner. Rennie did not show a red or yellow card at all during the match.[5]

At the end of the 2004-05 season, he retired from the FIFA list, at the compulsory age of 45.

Like many high-profile referees in top-flight football, Rennie has attracted criticism from within the game. In November 2006, he was mentioned in a remark by a stadium announcer, Adam Cattarall, at a Football League Championship match between Preston North End and Crystal Palace. It was announced over the public address system as the teams came back onto the pitch after half time: "Welcome to the second half of the Uriah Rennie show".[6] His refereeing came under criticism yet again on 19 December 2006 after Southampton's 2-0 victory over Norwich, with Canaries' manager Peter Grant claiming: "It's scandalous the way he talks to players. He shows them no respect, and yet expects respect back. With this referee it's all about him. People come to watch the players and be entertained, not to watch the referee."[7]

On 21 August 2007, The Sun newspaper announced that Rennie had been withdrawn from the list of referees after failing the prescribed fitness tests and that he would not referee again until he passed one. These tests are re-taken after one month.[8]

However, his failure of the tests actually turned out to be due to a hamstring injury.[9] He made his return to active refereeing on 24 November 2007, handling the Championship match between Scunthorpe United and Hull City, which finished as a 2-1 away win.[10]

Rennie was again struck by injury at the start of the 2008/2009 season. He failed to recover from this injury all season, and as a result was removed from the Select Group of referees, along with Steve Tanner and Keith Stroud in May 2009. [1]

In September 2010, Rennie became president of Hallam FC which was celebrating its 150th anniversary season and still playing at the oldest football ground in the world, Sandygate Road in Sheffield

Career statistics[edit]

Season Games Total Booked Booked per game Total Red card Red card per game
1997/1998 27 102 3.78 10 0.37
1998/1999 27 117 4.34 7 0.26
1999/2000 28 96 3.43 10 0.36
2000/2001 39 82 2.10 8 0.21
2001/2002 34 86 2.52 5 0.15
2002/2003 31 82 2.65 10 0.32
2003/2004 24 79 3.29 1 0.04
2004/2005 31 64 2.06 2 0.06
2005/2006 44 94 2.14 5 0.11
2006/2007 39 123 3.15 5 0.13
2007/2008 21 59 2.80 7 0.33

(There are no available records prior to 1997/1998)

Life outside football[edit]

He practises both kick-boxing and aikido, and has a Master's degree in business administration and law. He is also a magistrate in Sheffield.[11] He is married and has one daughter.[4] He appeared as himself in the BBC Two drama Marvellous, broadcast in September 2014.[12]


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