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Ursula Martinez also known as Ursula Lea (born 1966)[1] is a London-based Anglo-Spanish British writer, performer, and cult cabaret diva noted for her use of nudity and non-actors.

Her latest show, "My Stories, Your Emails", builds on the notoriety gained from popular Internet videos of her cabaret striptease act, especially "Hanky Panky".[2] Hanky Panky [3] is a disappearing handkerchief magic routine where each piece of clothing that hides the handkerchief is discarded until she is completely nude (and still makes the handkerchief vanish and reappear).[4] Her Hanky Panky act was performed in the award winning La Clique cabaret show and was filmed during the 2007 Montreal Comedy Festival.

Another popular cabaret segment is called "Light My Fire" in which the pasties and g-string Martinez wears burst into flame, one by one, and disappear.


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