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Hi, my name's Rohan, I'm from Perth in Western Australia, and I go to Murdoch University, where I study mathematics and take full advantage of free or cheap internet access, where I often edit from. I'm particularly interested in things including mathematics, Perth music (and any other obscure CDs I happen to find in discount bins), roads and public transport in Perth and Western Australia, astronomy, etc. I like cooking, listening to music, interesting mathematics (ie: not statistics), and plenty of other stuff too. I can be found fairly often on Perthbands, Myspace, and plenty of other places around the net. Oh yeah, and I edit just about anything I've got a passing interest in or happen to notice... for example, the Baltic Sea has three-tenths of bugger-all to do with either maths or sunny Perth, but I'd like to go to Finland one day, just for the hell of it, so... topic of interest. When I'm not on the net, I live in Coolbellup, I love hanging out in Fremantle, and I'm usually either sleeping, eating, riding buses (not for the sake of it, but it's how I get around), listening to music, or sleeping. It's less boring than it sounds...

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