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About Me[edit]

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A doctoral student at a major national university, I am a quasi-retired journalist with a bachelor's degree in rhetoric and work experience in politics. As a writer and editor, I was neither anonymous nor famous, but rather known in various small circles and occasionally ogled by others. I am named in a handful of Wikipedia articles in addition to being the subject of an article myself.

Today I am first and foremost a graduate student, but also an occasional scribe, curious Wikipedian, amateur chef and many other things. While I abhor anonymous journalism in all its decrepit forms, I am intrigued by the structure of Wikipedia and participate accordingly. Truthfully, I do not know how I feel about the venture in general, and somehow doubt that history will cast a completely favorable light upon it, but I would also be remiss to not participate in a manner that heightens the experience for me and, perhaps, occasionally does similarly for others.

Beyond that, I think the general demeanor of the Wikipedia community suggests I keep my name, gender, ethnicity, age, Zodiac sign and favorite Saturday Night Live sketch to myself. But I also have no doubt that any of those who know me will be able to read the above and find little doubt in having stumbled across my Wikipedia page what an incredible douchebag I am.