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Leg 12 (United Kingdom → United States)[edit]

In Las Vegas, teams visited The Mirage where they replaced lightbulbs in the building's famous sign.

Airdate: May 18, 2014[1]

In the first roadblock of the Leg, one team member was handcuffed and placed into a wooden box, which was lit on fire. They had to use the keys they previously dug up to unlock the handcuffs and escape the box. In the second roadblock, teams had to take a helicopter, fly over The Strip, find the sign displaying their drop zone (the Las Vegas Motor Speedway), relay that to their pilot and parachute into the Speedway.

Additional tasks
  • After landing in Las Vegas, teams were chauffeured by a driver in one of three Ford Explorers into the desert. They had to dig for a hidden box filled with keys which they would need for the first Roadblock with David Copperfield.
  • At the "Boneyard" of the Las Vegas Neon Museum, teams had to take a lightbulb from a silver and red question mark sign and take it to The Mirage.
  • At The Mirage, teams replaced the lightbulbs in the letter "i" in "Mirage". Once the bulbs were lit and they could correctly tell the employees how many bulbs it took (241), they could proceed.
John Key

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10+ Romanian deaths since 2000[edit]

Data Locația Tip Morți
2013-09-08 Romania Valea Lupului, Iași Accident la nivel cu calea ferată 11
2013-06-23 Montenegro lângă Mănăstirea Morača Accident de autocar 18
2011-10-30 Hungary între Szeged și Makó Accident rutier microbuz 14
2010-07-05 Romania Tuzla, Constanța Accident aviatic 12
2009-08-14 Romania Scânteia, Iași Accident la nivel cu calea ferată 14
2008-11-15 Romania Petrila Explozie în mină 13
2004-05-24 Romania Mihailesti, Buzau Explozie camion cu azotat de amoniu 18
2004-03-11 Spain Madrid Atentat terorist 15
2001-08-07 Romania Vulcan, Hunedoara Explozie în mină 13

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